Sunday, October 21, 2012

{Sweet Antique}

We found this dresser on Craigslist and it was not only a little farther than we usually drive to pick up, but it was also a little pricier than we normally pay.  But, both Mike and I saw the potential and knew that it'd be beautiful.

The top was pretty scratched up but Mike solved that with a few coats of Annie Sloan in French Linen.

We also added new glass knobs, which are just like frosting on the cake!

We sealed it with wax but the next day, noticed that there was quite a bit of the wood bleeding through.

Mike added another coat and waxed it again and it was good to go.

Check out the sweet key holes (which actually work with a skeleton key!).

It was sold and picked up two days after listing it!


Thursday, October 11, 2012

{Movie Star}

So this piece was dramatic.  When I saw it on Craigslist, I knew I wanted it.  I loved the lines, the hardware, and all the drawers.  The seller and I communicated SEVERAL times through email and Mike went off to pick it up.

Only, the seller got greedy, changed his price last minute (without telling us), and refused to answer the door when Mike got there.

Unfortunately, greed got the seller nowhere and despite "lots" of offers that were well over triple his original asking price, WE got it.  For the original asking price.  

Mike just had to go back three days later.  

And look how pretty she turned out:

She needed some sanding, wood filler, and TLC but she was in good hands.

And you wouldn't expect such a DRAMATIC piece to just go off and sit in a bedroom, would you?  

Absolutely not.  This pretty lady is off to Hollywood, where she'll reside in a bedroom set of a sci-fi motion picture!  The production crew came and picked it up this morning!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

{Antique Buffet}

This piece was a little farther (further?) than our average pick up, but I just had a feeling that it'd be worth it.  Plus, the price was definitely right!

It was a family piece that the seller just didn't want anymore (cuh-razy!).  We gladly took her home.

We gave it a couple coats of Annie Sloan in French Linen, waxed and buffed it, and then added sparkly glass knobs (Maddie and Grayson couldn't stop touching them!).

The top drawer had these awesome dividers (though NOT so awesome to line around!).

It was one of those pieces that you hope sells soon because I was really wanting to keep it.  Fortunately, it sold the next day.  


Thursday, October 4, 2012

(Layers of Love Desk}

A friend commissioned us to breathe some fresh life into this desk.  It was a Re-Store find (for $5!) and she wanted it to go in her boys' shared bedroom.

Now I have to say that this ol' desk came into our lives at a time when we'd just received some super crummy news (which we've rebounded from but still, spirits were pretty low around The Bless{ed} Nest).

Mike used stripper, sandpaper, and more stripper.  And maybe some aggression.  A little.  :)

Basically, this desk needed Mike and Mike needed this desk:

So after he rid it of the FOUR layers of paint (one being a thick poly), he applied the metallic paint:

Original hardware was sprayed glossy white and the whole thing was sealed.

Moral of the story: Sometimes pieces come into our lives in just the right season and for just the right reason.

I hope the boys are getting their homework done every night on this piece!


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

{Art Deco Vanity}

We picked up this art deco-style vanity (or desk; Mike and I each call it something different) and loved the lines and the character.

The color?  Not so much.

What was crazy was that EVERY SQUARE INCH of this pretty lady had been soaked in hot pink paint.  Mike went through MANY coats of primer!


And after:

The original mirror came with it (base was also painted... pink):

I think it'd be so cute in a little girl's room or in a powder room, too.
Or, as a desk!

After the drawers had been painted, we lined them with fresh paper:

And she's ready to go!  I hope she goes to a good home soon!

{Art Deco Nightstands}

A friend of us brought over these beauties and despite needing some love (and hardware), we knew there was some beauty there:

Some glossy white paint and wax brought it out!

We loved how these turned out!

And we were super excited when Maddie's past preschool teacher purchased them (because it's fun to know they're going to a good home... When you spend a lot of time with furniture, you start imagining that they have personalities, you know?  No, you're thinking you don't know.  Clearly we're spending too much time with furniture!).


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

{Mid-Century Mod}

So one morning I was out walking with Grayson and found this piece.  Mike was at work but I knew I had to have it.  Fortunately for me (and BIG unfortunately for her!), my sister was over and offered to help.  Being that I'm pregnant (and weak, haha), Annie basically carried this beast home.  

It was only (I say "only" but come on... It felt like 1,000 miles) around the corner but I think she wasn't super excited to hang out with me for a while after.  :)

Anyway, here's the before (as it oozed with potential!):

And after some love, rebuilding, and TLC:

Totally worth it, right?!

I lined the drawers with some fun wrapping paper from Target:

We either priced her too low or she just is that cool.  Regardless, she sold in a day.


Monday, October 1, 2012

{Annie Sloan Dresser}

I'm back!  I'm here!!  In fact, while I've never really left (we just sold our 50th piece of furniture!), I've definitely neglected the blog.  Big time.  I upload all our before/after pictures on Facebook (I'll share the link at the bottom of this post) but sometimes (er, always) forget to update here.

But I want to get back to it.  Starting now.  :)

We got this beautiful antique dresser that had some amazing lines.  The only problem was that it was missing a drawer.

No. Big. Deal.  My hubby is so talented; he just built a shelf with wood (and his jigsaw and his brains).

Great lines, right?

Then, we went out on a limb and tried out Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in French Linen.  I couldn't read another post about chalk paint without trying it for ourselves!

Now, while neither of would say we're madly in love with the paint (the price tag is still a little steep for me), the piece turned out better than we'd imagined:

We left the original hardware as is and I found two baskets to slide in as pseudo drawers.

Mike painted, distressed, waxed, and buffed it.

We posted it on Craigslist and actually got two emails from people just admiring it!  Both of them said they either didn't have the space or lived too far away, but just wanted us to know they liked it.  That's a first (and much appreciated, too!).

It did sell fairly quickly and I think both Mike and I were sad to see it go! 

Bottom line(s): 
1. Don't shy away from pieces with missing drawers.  
2. Chalk paint is fun.  It's nice to not sand or primer but it is costly.
3. Jill will get back to blogging.  :)

Link to our Facebook album: