Thursday, March 22, 2012

{Thrifty Finds}

I know this blog is about furniture transformations but I can't help sharing these fabulous finds.  Plus, we're able to use a lot of these items when we stage pieces for pictures (or so I tell myself; ha!).

See, I have a friend. Her name is Kristin (hi Kristin!).  She loves Target sales and is good at finding clearance items.  She's sucked me into the black of hole of Target-hopping, end cap-digging, clearance-finding shopping.

Not that I'm complaining.

A few weeks ago, we were shopping and found this lamp "as is" on an end cap.  I actually already had an identical one at home so I was excited when I saw that red tag.  This one said, "As Is," but everything worked, it came with a lightbulb, and was priced at $5.02.
 I mean, clearly... It had to come home with me, right?!
And now I have a pretty pair!

Or, take this mirror. 
The red tag said $14.98.  It rang up $4.98.
 Isn't it gorgeous?!
Love the scrolly lines.
And, it looks perfect on our hallway gallery wall.

But wait, this week it got even better!
Target has a special running: Buy one decor item, get one 50% off.
And yes, clearance items apply.  Holla!

I got a pair of these chevron pillows for our front room.  They were on clearance for $13, and with the sale, I got both for under $20.

How about some cutie pie baskets with chalkboard fronts?
On clearance for $7 each, but two for $11.
I put them in the shelves over our washer and dryer.  
My chalk pen is dying and I can't wait to get a new, bright white one!

Chevron dishtowel?
On clearance for $2 but I got two for $3.  Deal!
Love it!
So keep those eyes peeled next time you're at Target.  End caps are your friends!  Ha!

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  1. Target end caps are one of my favorite places to visit! I've never heard of them running the buy one, get on 50% off sale. Bummed I missed out on that one! You got some great finds. I'll take one of each please. ha!