Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Elizabeth

I bought this piece months ago and to be honest, neither Mike nor I were super eager to start it.
Just a little uninspired, I guess?

Anyway, it sat in our garage until last week when God put it on my heart to finish her up and use the proceeds to help a friend.  My friend is in the early stages of international adoption and I can only imagine how daunting the financial side of that can feel.

So anyway, here's the Elizabeth before:
(She had been the man's childhood dresser; well loved, super sturdy/heavy, and in need of a little repair)

And after:
We kept with our standard white and oil-rubbed bronze look, sealing the top to protect the surface.

I don't have more pictures because Grayson is doing his best impression of a baby monkey this morning and is literally hanging on me.

Anyway, can't wait to sell this pretty lady and send a check to our sweet friends!