Saturday, March 31, 2012

{New Pieces}

 This weekend, we did some buying for future projects.

When I nurse Grayson, I scour Craigslist for deals (and for this reason, I may never stop nursing, haha! Uninterrupted iPhone time!).   Dressers tend to go pretty fast around here so when I find a good one, I have to pounce.

These were all great deals and they're all sturdy, solid wood pieces.  

Important Note: These are the pictures from the Craigslist ads.

Despite the smashed bug hardware (doesn't it look like six bugs crashed into the drawer fronts?), it has some unique characteristics that I think will be great when painted.

This little guy was in the owner's childhood bedroom (which, he said, was over 40 years ago).  I liked the clean lines, wood pulls, and the fact that it's on casters.  Kinda cool, right?

The clutter on top of this piece is seriously giving me hives.
Can I mention again that these are the pictures from Craigslist and not my home?!  Ha!

Anyway, this is a tall dresser that is so sturdy and in great condition.
I'd love to do another ombre treatment, but that doesn't seem to sell so we'll see.

This sweet table came from Re-Store about a year ago but we've decided that we have no place for it in our house.  
It'll get a fun paint facelift and will be listed as well.
I know I've always done before and afters, but I thought I'd share the befores since there are so many!

Can't wait to see how these all turn out!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

{Curvy Dresser}

We have a pretty lady to show off today!

She came to us off Craigslist.  We aren't sure of her history, other than she was at a house where the realtor got stuck selling off the furniture (random?).

She has gorgeous curvy lines and sweet details, but needed a lot of love.

Mike worked hard on this one.  Sanding, wood filler, lining drawers, drilling new holes, spraying new hardware.

But, look at how she turned out!

Gorgeous, right?

The curves on her are just so perfect and she has these sweet little keyholes, which add so much charm!

Some of the original hardware was salvaged but the bottom ones were either too yellowed or had been poorly replaced.
Mike sprayed some chunky cup pulls oil-rubbed bronze and attached them.
He even lined all the drawers.

I think she's just stunning!
Can't wait to see where she ends up!
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Wednesday, March 28, 2012


I need your advice/ideas/input!

We purchased this sturdy guy off Craigslist and just love it.

He's solid oak, has a drawer and two doors.  One of the pulls is broken so we'll have to replace that.

But, I'm kind of stuck.
The logical side of me is saying to paint it white.  We'll be selling him and white pieces do tend to sell pretty quickly.


Wouldn't he be fun as mustard yellow or smokey gray?

Mike says he'll do whatever I like, but I can't decide!  

So help me.  What should we do?  White?  Yellow?  Gray?  Another color that I haven't even considered??  

Thanks in advance!

Friday, March 23, 2012

{Entry Credenza}

We bought this little lady off Craigslist.  I loved her unique shape and details but didn't like the walnut-y color.
So we did what we do best...

And painted it white.
I know I'm like a broken record with the white thing but it sells.  Someday, when we have a storefront (dreams!), we'll use aqua and yellow and red.  Promise.  :)

She has a door that opens to reveal a shelf.

Perfect for stashing keys or books or outgoing mail.

I think she'd look great in an entryway or hallway.

A pretty little glass knob finished her off.
She's listed on Craigslist and will hopefully go to a good home soon!
(But until she does, doesn't she look cute in our entry?!)

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And... It sold!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

{Thrifty Finds}

I know this blog is about furniture transformations but I can't help sharing these fabulous finds.  Plus, we're able to use a lot of these items when we stage pieces for pictures (or so I tell myself; ha!).

See, I have a friend. Her name is Kristin (hi Kristin!).  She loves Target sales and is good at finding clearance items.  She's sucked me into the black of hole of Target-hopping, end cap-digging, clearance-finding shopping.

Not that I'm complaining.

A few weeks ago, we were shopping and found this lamp "as is" on an end cap.  I actually already had an identical one at home so I was excited when I saw that red tag.  This one said, "As Is," but everything worked, it came with a lightbulb, and was priced at $5.02.
 I mean, clearly... It had to come home with me, right?!
And now I have a pretty pair!

Or, take this mirror. 
The red tag said $14.98.  It rang up $4.98.
 Isn't it gorgeous?!
Love the scrolly lines.
And, it looks perfect on our hallway gallery wall.

But wait, this week it got even better!
Target has a special running: Buy one decor item, get one 50% off.
And yes, clearance items apply.  Holla!

I got a pair of these chevron pillows for our front room.  They were on clearance for $13, and with the sale, I got both for under $20.

How about some cutie pie baskets with chalkboard fronts?
On clearance for $7 each, but two for $11.
I put them in the shelves over our washer and dryer.  
My chalk pen is dying and I can't wait to get a new, bright white one!

Chevron dishtowel?
On clearance for $2 but I got two for $3.  Deal!
Love it!
So keep those eyes peeled next time you're at Target.  End caps are your friends!  Ha!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


 In the blog world, it's a big deal to be featured and in my world, it just makes my day!
These are the places we've recently been featured...

Whoot!  Hello, is iHeart Organizing not one of the most amazing blogs ever?!
Our closet-turned-office was featured in her Reader Spaces last month!
For the full story, visit our family blog HERE.

Eek.  I squealed when I saw our living room featured over at Very Merry Vintage Style!

Home Happy Home loved Grayson's ombre dresser (and so do we!).

Features mean a lot to me.  It's kinda like a virtual high five, and a nod that we're moving in the right direction (or maybe I'm totally reading into it.  Ha!).  So... thank you!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

{Mr. Gray: The Dresser}

I've got a Re-Store find to share with you today!

Rachel and I found this sometime back at Habitat for Humanity's resale shop.

It was big and sturdy and in great condition.  It was just a little sad.

But with a few coats of gray for the body and white for the pulls...

Isn't he handsome?!
Mike is squirming because this isn't the best picture.  See how the middle section is slightly discolored?  It's because we'd only primed it.  Oops!  
After taking this picture, he immediately removed the door and painted it (I just was too lazy to take another picture.  Ha!).

The white hardware is so sleek.

This guy is on CL but hasn't found a home quite yet.  In the meantime, he's found a place in my Mr. Gray's nursery!

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Can't paint in the rain

Hi there!

We have had a wet, cold, and windy past few days over here.  

Kinda puts a damper (literally) on the furniture restoration.

But, skies are clearer and we have some pieces stuffed in our garage.  Pretty sure they're screaming to get out (or maybe it's just Mike screaming every time he opens the garage and sees the "warehouse" we've got going).

And look, last week we got featured:

Whoot whoot!

So check back.  We'll have some more reveals and they're good ones!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{Noah's Dresser}

Our friend Andrea found this beautiful dresser on Craigslist and knew it'd be perfect in her son's nursery.

It has absolutely beautiful lines and even more gorgeous handles.

Mike cleaned it up, painted the dresser, and sprayed the hardware (oil rubbed bronze).
It looks amazing!

 And, how perfect does it look in sweet Noah's nursery?
We hope it'll be a treasured piece for years to come!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I acquired this five drawer dresser and immediately knew what I wanted to do with it.

We headed to Home Depot and I picked a paint chip in varying shades of gray.

You can get the little sample pots of Behr paint for about $3, so we requested a pot of each shade on the chip.

The chip had four shades so each drawer got a couple of coats.  Mike did the top drawer white, as well as the dresser's structure.

It's found a {temporary} home in Grayson's room but will hopefully find a permanent home soon.

I think the ombre look is so fun!


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Monday, March 12, 2012

{Side Tables}

Rachel and I bought these little guys off Craigslist a couple months ago and just tackled them today.

We kid that you should take a super crummy before picture so that the after picture looks even more amazing.  

Even still, this is an incredibly crummy before picture:

Oh my.  They needed our love, for sure!  Sanding, primer, wood filler...  Eek.
But seriously, check out how these transformed from ugly ducks to beautiful swans...

We moved them into my front room and...
Yup, those are the same tables!

Oh, I think Rachel and I both fell in love as soon as we started staging!

Aaaaaand, yet more pieces that I don't want to move out of our living room or sell.  Ha!

We lined the drawers with damask-print paper for a pretty finish.

And just because it all looks so good, I have to include another (and check out the coffee table we did this weekend!):
Love, love, love!

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And... They sold!