Wednesday, August 22, 2012

{Trash to Treasure: The Dresser}

This will probably be the most disappointing post ever, but I'm posting anyway.  Ha!

I didn't take a before shot of this dresser.  I know.  It takes 10 seconds to take a picture but I forgot and Mike tackled it before I remembered.

Anyway, this was a curbside dresser in need of serious love.  It was missing most of the drawer pulls and several of the drawers had to be rebuilt.

Not a prob for my handy hubby.

He used some cup pulls we had in our stash and sprayed everything ORB.  After filling the old holes and drilling new ones, they were good to go. 

This dresser has so much storage!  Behind those two middle doors are two drawers, so my clothes actually have space.

Just a wedding photo shot  :)

He waxed the top to seal it and I just love it.

So if you can just imagine a beat up old dresser that was unwanted, that's the before.

Fresh and rebuilt and white is the after.  :)

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