Wednesday, April 18, 2012

{Princess: A Pretty Dresser}

Sorry for the lack of good "before" pictures." 

My husband is a work horse and attacked this before I could run out and snap one (And, trust me, I'm not complaining!  He's beyond amazing).

She has great bones and pretty lines (like a princess!), but needed some love (as they all do!).

But, it was nothing that some wood filler, clamps, sanding, and dedication couldn't fix.

Here she is:

Such a pretty princess, right?

I think she'd be perfect anywhere, but wouldn't it be sweet in a nursery?
Throw a changing cushion on top and you have a gorgeous changing table!

 So, so pretty!

Look at her, just hanging out back there!
And yes, I realize that there's a hundred things wrong with these pictures, from shadows to being slightly crooked.  But, I've got a preschooler itching to go to school and a baby wanting ONLY to be held and carried around.  So all that considered, gosh... The pictures have to suffice.  Ha!


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  1. I love that... really. I am always stalking Craigslist to find a similar piece of furniture but haven't had luck yet. Thanks for the inspiration to keep trying!

    I'm your newest follower!