Saturday, May 5, 2012

{Maxwell: The Dresser}

This might count as the worst "before" picture in the history of before pictures.

My husband is a machine and seriously, I can't get out there fast enough to take a decent picture before he attacks it.

But basically, it's a solid wood piece that had been dinged and yellowed and neglected.

We were going to paint it white until I remembered some red paint that we'd bought but never used...

Hello, Maxwell!

Isn't he handsome?
He's also very difficult to photograph.  Imagine fire engine red and that's Max.

He's got the most awesome, chunky legs.

I love researching these pieces that pass through our doors.  This particular one was made by Lexington.  I imagine that someday I'll be on some trivia show and a category called "American Furniture Companies" will come up.  And I.  Will.  Rock.  
Anyway, he's up for sale (despite the fact that he goes SO well in Grayson's room.  Someone stop me.  This house will be wall to wall furniture pretty soon!).


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