Thursday, May 10, 2012

{Miss Charity: The Chair)

My mom volunteers at a thrift store once a month and a few weeks ago, this pretty chair came through the door.

My mom is wonderful and immediately thought of me.

Here she was before:

And after removing the striped fabric, this was underneath:

Hard to tell in this picture, but this particular layer was secured with staples AND carpet tacks.  SO much fun to remove.  Ugh!

And... This fabric was underneath the red!

Guess what?

There was even another layer under this but by that point, my hands were numb so the bottom two layers (one being the original) got to stay.

At this point, I was over it.

The hubby came home from a Bible study at this point and told me to leave it.  He said he'd finish it all later.

Are you ready to see it all done, compliments of Mr. Amazing?

Hello, pretty chair!

He painted her white and recovered her seat.

Eep.  She's so gorgeous!

This one isn't for sale.

She looks so pretty in our front room.
Love it!

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