Monday, October 1, 2012

{Annie Sloan Dresser}

I'm back!  I'm here!!  In fact, while I've never really left (we just sold our 50th piece of furniture!), I've definitely neglected the blog.  Big time.  I upload all our before/after pictures on Facebook (I'll share the link at the bottom of this post) but sometimes (er, always) forget to update here.

But I want to get back to it.  Starting now.  :)

We got this beautiful antique dresser that had some amazing lines.  The only problem was that it was missing a drawer.

No. Big. Deal.  My hubby is so talented; he just built a shelf with wood (and his jigsaw and his brains).

Great lines, right?

Then, we went out on a limb and tried out Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint in French Linen.  I couldn't read another post about chalk paint without trying it for ourselves!

Now, while neither of would say we're madly in love with the paint (the price tag is still a little steep for me), the piece turned out better than we'd imagined:

We left the original hardware as is and I found two baskets to slide in as pseudo drawers.

Mike painted, distressed, waxed, and buffed it.

We posted it on Craigslist and actually got two emails from people just admiring it!  Both of them said they either didn't have the space or lived too far away, but just wanted us to know they liked it.  That's a first (and much appreciated, too!).

It did sell fairly quickly and I think both Mike and I were sad to see it go! 

Bottom line(s): 
1. Don't shy away from pieces with missing drawers.  
2. Chalk paint is fun.  It's nice to not sand or primer but it is costly.
3. Jill will get back to blogging.  :)

Link to our Facebook album:

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