Thursday, October 11, 2012

{Movie Star}

So this piece was dramatic.  When I saw it on Craigslist, I knew I wanted it.  I loved the lines, the hardware, and all the drawers.  The seller and I communicated SEVERAL times through email and Mike went off to pick it up.

Only, the seller got greedy, changed his price last minute (without telling us), and refused to answer the door when Mike got there.

Unfortunately, greed got the seller nowhere and despite "lots" of offers that were well over triple his original asking price, WE got it.  For the original asking price.  

Mike just had to go back three days later.  

And look how pretty she turned out:

She needed some sanding, wood filler, and TLC but she was in good hands.

And you wouldn't expect such a DRAMATIC piece to just go off and sit in a bedroom, would you?  

Absolutely not.  This pretty lady is off to Hollywood, where she'll reside in a bedroom set of a sci-fi motion picture!  The production crew came and picked it up this morning!


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