Thursday, October 4, 2012

(Layers of Love Desk}

A friend commissioned us to breathe some fresh life into this desk.  It was a Re-Store find (for $5!) and she wanted it to go in her boys' shared bedroom.

Now I have to say that this ol' desk came into our lives at a time when we'd just received some super crummy news (which we've rebounded from but still, spirits were pretty low around The Bless{ed} Nest).

Mike used stripper, sandpaper, and more stripper.  And maybe some aggression.  A little.  :)

Basically, this desk needed Mike and Mike needed this desk:

So after he rid it of the FOUR layers of paint (one being a thick poly), he applied the metallic paint:

Original hardware was sprayed glossy white and the whole thing was sealed.

Moral of the story: Sometimes pieces come into our lives in just the right season and for just the right reason.

I hope the boys are getting their homework done every night on this piece!


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