Saturday, March 31, 2012

{New Pieces}

 This weekend, we did some buying for future projects.

When I nurse Grayson, I scour Craigslist for deals (and for this reason, I may never stop nursing, haha! Uninterrupted iPhone time!).   Dressers tend to go pretty fast around here so when I find a good one, I have to pounce.

These were all great deals and they're all sturdy, solid wood pieces.  

Important Note: These are the pictures from the Craigslist ads.

Despite the smashed bug hardware (doesn't it look like six bugs crashed into the drawer fronts?), it has some unique characteristics that I think will be great when painted.

This little guy was in the owner's childhood bedroom (which, he said, was over 40 years ago).  I liked the clean lines, wood pulls, and the fact that it's on casters.  Kinda cool, right?

The clutter on top of this piece is seriously giving me hives.
Can I mention again that these are the pictures from Craigslist and not my home?!  Ha!

Anyway, this is a tall dresser that is so sturdy and in great condition.
I'd love to do another ombre treatment, but that doesn't seem to sell so we'll see.

This sweet table came from Re-Store about a year ago but we've decided that we have no place for it in our house.  
It'll get a fun paint facelift and will be listed as well.
I know I've always done before and afters, but I thought I'd share the befores since there are so many!

Can't wait to see how these all turn out!

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